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How Hirers Can Get More Out of Big Data

It’s not enough to merely collect numbers. Find out how business-intelligence (BI) tools can maximize the value of talent-management metrics.

Karen Evans

Impact of people on organisational performance

One of the hot topics in HR today, and one that I am personally passionate about, is the impact of people on an organisation’s performance. How is this impact measured and evaluated? Do organisations understand this impact? In a series of blogs beginning with this one, I’ll be addressing the various issues and challenges we… Read more »

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Talent Management – Embracing transformation in HR processes

A few weeks ago, NGA.NET hosted an Executive Briefing in Canberra, Australia. The presentation by CEO Mike Giuffrida, entitled Talent Management – Embracing transformation in HR processes, was well-received by the attendees who represented various federal government departments. Mike addressed a key issue in HR departments today – the transformation of HR from a siloed… Read more »

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NGA.NET and Lockheed Martin: Solving the Human Capital Technology Integration Problem

Our new partnership with Lockheed Martin demonstrates an incredible opportunity not only for NGA.NET, but for federal agencies. As a quick recap, NGA.NET and Lockheed partnered on a cloud-hosted recruiting and hiring system for federal agencies. Known as StaffAcq360™, the information technology system allows organizations to quickly recruit and hire quality candidates while reducing associated… Read more »

Federal Recruitment Leader

Staking a Position as a Federal Recruitment Leader

I was recently in Australia and spoke with SkyNews, a leading Australian 24-hour news channel, about our recent success in America and our ability to compete with the large incumbents in the federal talent management space. As I mentioned on the program, NGA.NET has been well received in the U.S. and we are thriving. To… Read more »

How the NGA.NET U.S. Public Sector Customer Experience Team Helps You

In my last blog, I explained a little about how greater, strategic purpose can often get lost within a government agency if front-line workers struggle to keep up with daily demands.  Management demands as well as requests from regulatory bodies, add to the HR challenges agencies often face. “Listen, Know, Touch and Show” is how… Read more »


The Customer Experience Team: “Listen, Know, Touch, Show”

By Bryan Hochstein Like private companies, government agencies often struggle to develop an organization-wide understanding of how day-to-day practices support greater, strategic goals.  Imparting a grand mission statement is a noble thing, but it’s not particularly productive if it gets lost in translation to the rank and file because they’re buried under the daily grind…. Read more »

Budget Tight for blog

Seeking Solutions for Your Agency’s Sequestration/Budget Tightening Dilemmas

By now, you’re likely aware of the potential impact of sequestration: That, if put into play on March 1, the federal government will lose $85 billion in funding resources. It will result in a delay in investments for Department of Defense equipment and facilities; the elimination of hundreds of thousands of families from education/wellness programs… Read more »