Gartner — NGA.NET a Leader in Public Sector Recruiting

Leading industry research analyst Gartner recently completed its assessment of the market for talent management suites, which as Gartner describes, “help enterprises manage the key processes of plan to source, acquire to onboard, perform to reward and assess to develop.” Gartner goes on to explain that “talent management suites are an integrated set of applications,… Read more »

Federal government talent acquisition -- streamlining the process

Federal Government Talent Acquisition — Streamlining the Process

Like many (some would say most or all) aspects of the United States Federal government, human capital management can prove to be more complex and more difficult to change for an agency than that of the private sector. Budget constraints, ingrained and inflexible procedures, limited staffing, complicated application processes, government regulations and hiring requirements, and… Read more »

eRecruit Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Solution is Gold for NGA.NET

eRecruit Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Solution is Gold for NGA.NET

We’re proud to have so many organizations around the globe utilizing our eRecruit talent acquisition solution to help them streamline and improve their hiring practices. What we enjoy most is seeing human resource professionals being able to deliver superior service to their companies and agencies, find better candidates more quickly and onboard their new employees… Read more »

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A Five-Step Blueprint for Launching Talent Analytics

In Part I of this blog, we discussed a recent workshop which NGA.NET and the Partnership for Public Service hosted on data, public-sector talent management and the Pathways Program. As indicated, while the primary agenda was best practices for overseeing government hiring via the Pathways Program, it was clear that the attendees wanted to discuss… Read more »

Liam Ackland

Building “Pathways” to Talent Analytics

Have you ever been in a room with 100 people – all of them sharing the same problem? This was the case at a recent workshop that NGA.NET and the Partnership for Public Service hosted on data, talent management and the Pathways Programs. Pathways provides federal developmental positions (and possible future full-time opportunities) for students… Read more »

Surviving the big freeze Whitepaper

Surviving the Big Freeze – a whitepaper by NGA.NET

In late 2013, the Australian Federal Government announced new interim recruitment arrangements – temporary guidelines regarding the hiring of new employees – which placed significant restrictions on recruitment in the Australian Public Service. NGA.NET has since held two forums, one in December last year and one in April this year, to provide our Federal Government… Read more »

#TalentTrends blog

Find Federal Talent Management Statistics, Trends and Resources by Following @NGANET #TalentTrends on Twitter

Did you know that 40 percent of HR executives spend at least two days a year with senior leadership to conduct formal reviews of talent? Or that the U.S. departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security have accounted for more than 90 percent of the growth within the federal workforce from 2004 to 2012?… Read more »

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The proposed U.S. Fiscal Year 2015 federal budget and the federal workforce

The proposed Fiscal Year 2015 federal budget looks promising as it relates to the federal workforce. President Obama voiced a commitment to “unlock the full potential” of agency employees, while investing in leadership and engagement training for new managers to address the “changing needs of a 21st Century workforce.” This includes taking on ever-growing concerns… Read more »