Liam Ackland

Building “Pathways” to Talent Analytics

Have you ever been in a room with 100 people – all of them sharing the same problem? This was the case at a recent workshop that NGA.NET and the Partnership for Public Service hosted on data, talent management and the Pathways Programs. Pathways provides federal developmental positions (and possible future full-time opportunities) for students… Read more »

Surviving the big freeze Whitepaper

Surviving the Big Freeze – a whitepaper by NGA.NET

In late 2013, the Australian Federal Government announced new interim recruitment arrangements – temporary guidelines regarding the hiring of new employees – which placed significant restrictions on recruitment in the Australian Public Service. NGA.NET has since held two forums, one in December last year and one in April this year, to provide our Federal Government… Read more »

#TalentTrends blog

Find Federal Talent Management Statistics, Trends and Resources by Following @NGANET #TalentTrends on Twitter

Did you know that 40 percent of HR executives spend at least two days a year with senior leadership to conduct formal reviews of talent? Or that the U.S. departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security have accounted for more than 90 percent of the growth within the federal workforce from 2004 to 2012?… Read more »

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The proposed U.S. Fiscal Year 2015 federal budget and the federal workforce

The proposed Fiscal Year 2015 federal budget looks promising as it relates to the federal workforce. President Obama voiced a commitment to “unlock the full potential” of agency employees, while investing in leadership and engagement training for new managers to address the “changing needs of a 21st Century workforce.” This includes taking on ever-growing concerns… Read more »

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How to motivate public service employees during the national remuneration freeze

The Australian Public Service is currently in a state of flux. Since the 2013 federal election, the new Liberal-National coalition government has openly expressed its determination to drastically improve efficiency and reduce expenses in the public sector – and has introduced a number of significant policies as a result. Interim recruitment restrictions have resulted in what could… Read more »


Analytics: The New Frontier of Talent Management

Organizations are turning to talent analytics solutions to take their recruiting/talent management to the next level. Find out how these tools can deliver tangible benefits. (This is Part I of a two-part blog on the benefits of recruitment/talent-management analytics.) “This is a new frontier,” the professor from Cornell explained. His name was Chris Collins, director… Read more »

Karen Evans

Talent Management: Where do I start?

The benefits of having a strategic talent management plan are almost too numerous to count. For a start, there’s reduced turnover through greater employee engagement, improved organisational productivity and enhanced job satisfaction for workers. It’s true that implementing a talent management plan can be a challenge for many organisations. However, there are a number of… Read more »

Karen Evans

Impact of people on organisational performance (part 3)

Recently, I’ve written two blogs on the impact that people have on the performance of an organisation and the various challenges all businesses face when it comes to managing talent. In part one, I covered employee engagement and the value of having a strategic talent management plan. In part two, I dove deeper into the… Read more »

Karen Evans

Impact of people on organisational performance (part 2)

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot about the significant generational shift affecting the HR world today. For a long time, HR departments have been seeking a place in the boardroom, emphasising the importance of employees in terms of achieving business strategic goals. However, it is only in recent years that business leaders have begun to… Read more »