Talent Management Solutions Can Put Federal Hirers in the “Major League”

Talent Management Solutions Can Put Federal Hirers in the “Major League”

          Recent findings from the Partnership for Public Service are raising cautionary flags when it comes to the government employment picture: Hiring for federal jobs has reached its lowest level in nearly a decade, as about 76,700 new employees entered the workforce in fiscal 2013 – a dip of more than 14.5 percent… Read more »


Federal Agencies and Budget Cuts -– A Proactive Solution

This week the Federal Times  reported that federal hiring is now at its lowest level in almost 10 years, with just about every agency seeing drastic drops in new employees. The Times also reported that the federal government has shrunk by nearly 70,000 employees over the same time period, as more employees quit or retire. A… Read more »


Identifying an Organization’s Critical Talent — Key to Talent Management Success

Organizations seem to be understanding that identifying their critical talent is important to achieving business goals. However, there is often still a lack of organizational focus on implementing processes for true talent identification. Part of the problem rests in the fact that many companies are not sure about how to go about identifying critical talent… Read more »

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Federal Agency Hiring – Steps to Better Candidate Assessment

Even before President Obama’s 2010 initiative to remove the obstacles in the federal government’s antiquated hiring process, agencies’ HR departments looked for ways to improve the assessment process to enhance both the applicant experience and the agencies’ chance of identifying top talent. With the OPM’s Hiring Reform in place, the intent is to create a… Read more »

Federal talent management -- looking beyond recruitment

Federal Talent Management – Seeing Beyond Recruitment

As Federal agencies grapple with multiple challenges, from finding top talent in the face of rising competition from the private sector, to the retirement tsunami and budget challenges, an emphasis is typically, and not unexpectedly, placed on talent acquisition. The challenges in this process are not trivial, and without coming to grips with improving this… Read more »

What to look for in a talent analytics solution

Part 2: What to look for in a talent analytics solution

Not all talent analytics solutions are created equal, and when making this sort of investment, there are two crucial features to look for in the best software options. 1.        Drill down capabilities Talent analytics isn’t merely a system to streamline your internal processes – it can in fact be a valuable competitive advantage. Countless businesses… Read more »


Part 1: Talent Analytics: What do you need to know?

Businesses are constantly evolving, with new systems, processes and technologies radically changing the way companies are run and how people work. In this complex and shifting environment, people management is becoming a top priority for organizations in all sectors. Companies need to have talent analytics systems in place to ensure they are gaining a real insight… Read more »